19th December, 2009

I was super happy when I first saw the snow, as was everyone else I know. It’s like ‘Yay! Snowball fights! White Christmas! Woo!’ and then you realise just what you have been wishing for. Chaos. Of course when it snows the whole of Britain goes into panic mode; motorways are suddenly ten times busier, public transport pretends to have never existed and people daren’t venture out of their own homes. Surely this isn’t what snow is about? Well…it is.

I realised that it would possibly become difficult to jump on the bus to Rothwell, which is about a 15 to 20 minute ride away because of the dusting of snow on the roads. I will admit though, sometimes the roads do become treacherous and for us measly pedestrians, well it’s like trying to walk on a sheet of newly Mr Muscled glass. Me and my friend have to walk down a rather steep hill to school and when that gets icy there’s no hope of staying on your feet. Although, now it’s the holidays I guess it’s not so bad, but still for walking around, it’s terrible. And it’s freezing cold. So you’re all wrapped up in numerous coats and gloves and scarves in some enormous boots that you’ve dug out of your wardrobe and you have to watch your footing! It’s barely possible to see your toes for the huge coats that you’ve got on, never mind where you’re stepping!

But, I suppose, we have to be thankful for the snow as according to scientists, global warming is just around the corner and is going to change all of this.

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