22nd December, 2009 (Swede!)

Hi there,

Today me and James (jamesjluke.wordpress.com) and Matty (meathead23.wordpress.com) went to the Co-operative store to buy stuff. James bought a Times newspaper, as that is his favourite paper ever and Matty bought some chocolate. I, on the other hand, bought a swede  for my mother. This swede, or ‘sweeede!’ as it is now pronounced has become a standing joke amongst us all and we now say it quite frequently to each other.

I think it’s wonderful that as people we develop jokes such as these, where you can say one random word to your friend which sounds completely barmy to other people, but you and both understand it and enjoy a laugh at the same time. The jokes stem from everyday conversation and come from one particularly interesting statement that you both find funny.

To be honest , though, most of these jokes tend to fade away as time goes on. Now I think about it, me and James made up nicknames for each other a few months back and we haven’t used them for a long time. Saying things like ‘Heya marshmallow noggin’ were said very frequently, but we haven’t mentioned it for a while now.

We’ll be using sweeede for a few weeks from now though, that is a classic that will put up a fight in staying around.

B-bye 🙂

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