23rd December, 2009

Hi again,

I was waiting for the bus this morning outside my house to go to Rothwell to see James. It was cold, and I couldn’t feel my toes any more. Now my street is a main road, there are some allotments across the way and a field. It’s a fairly busy road and we have lorries tramming up and down it like every ten minutes.

So, here’s me waiting for the 167 to come with cars whizzing past me and then suddenly, there were no cars. The street was completely empty, except for those cars parked up, but they don’t make noise, obviously. Everything was totally silent…well, not quite. It was then that I truly listened and I could here a rather loud buzz in the air. That, I realised, was the sound of life itself. Cars in the distance, millions of people all talking at the same time, people walking etc etc. I was so amazed at the sheer loudness of the buzz, I just couldn’t believe it. But, it should be obvious, right? Because there are thousands of cars and millions upon millions of people, they’re not silent are they? That would be quite impossible.

Next time you’re on a street and it’s quiet seriously have a listen because it will amaze you. 🙂

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