Snowday, 5th January 2010

So today it snowed…a lot. I woke up, saw the snow and immediately wanted to go back to sleep. I can never be bothered to do anything when it snows, there’s no point as I see it. Well, I did get up and I set off to school in the snow; it wasn’t so bad until we got to school itself – no, not because of the snow, but because of the sheer lack of organisation of my school. Brigshaw High School. They can never get anything right, they’re organisation skills are the worst I’ve ever experienced.

A teacher came to the entrance and started yelling at everyone “Everyone to the main hall”. In the main hall all of the seats were taken so me and my friend were forced to stand on the steps. The headteacher then said, “Right all sixth formers please go to the sixth form area for some independent study, don’t go to period one, it’s cancelled.” Off we toddled to the sixth form area and all thirty of us sat in the common room doing nothing, no one was motivated.

We were all fed up and everyone was debating whether or not to go home. One of my guy friends left for home five times after continuing to reappear in the common room, which made me cheer up a bit after laughing at his antics. I was very tempted to leave, but I have a German speaking exam at the end of this week (wish me luck haha) and today was my German lesson – the only lesson I had left after media was cancelled.

After a while Mr Riley came in and told us that most lessons were cancelled and we could leave if we wanted and if we were safe getting home. Fair enough, I’m leaving. I went looking for my German teacher but I couldn’t find him so I went home.

To add to my now disappearing misery I slipped and fell over on the way home down the hill. Gracefully by the way, gracefully and it all happened in slow motion. I rather enjoyed the experience but I didn’t enjoy finding myself on my knees in the snow with my best friend laughing at me. Although, I’m guessing it was rather amusing to see; I’d have laughed…a lot.

So I spent a total of two hours in school today and I’ve been at home building a snowman 🙂 Good times.

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