18th January, 2010

Immersion Day. What my school likes to call ‘a fun day for students with eccentric learning activities.’ Sure, if doing practice maths tests all day long with an annoying mouse of a girl is ‘fun’. This is the day when they scrap the timetable and throw you in a classroom filled with people you don’t like. See, as a sixth former I was glad to think that I wouldn’t have to experience any more. How wrong was I? Uh, very. We’ve got to go into various years’ activities and help out, or join in as I’m not hoping.

What I don’t understand is that the school knows that no one, but no one enjoys these Immersion Days, and everyone would rather have their standard timetable, even if they have homework due. It’s not on, surely if none of the student like these days they should stop them? It baffles me. I know schools are meant to be all ‘we’re not just for the learning,’ but seriously, what’s the point? Couldn’t they just tell teachers to do fun games for the lessons on the day rather than writing from text books, hmm?

In my opinion, it’s stupid. I hate it, my friends hate it, the whole school population (probably including teachers) hate it, so why keep it? Ugh, it annoys me. And the organisation of Brigshaw is terrible, they never ever tell you where to go, when, who you’re with or what you’re doing. You arrive on the day and everyone’s in a kafuffle, nobody with any clue of what’s going on. And what makes it worse is I am a fanatic on organisation; everything has to be perfect and straightforward. My school angers me sometimes.

Anyway, I’ll update you on what happens tomorrow, you’ll find out if it goes well. I doubt it will at all. :/ Oh well.

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