19th January, 2010

Okay, so Immersion Day happened and yes, it was a ridiculous as expected. Basically, I ended up with another boy sixth former and a dry, old and boring teacher. Mrs O’keefe or however you spell it.

So, me and Ryan, the guy, had to wander round tables watching horrible little (or big) year nines write on worksheets for an hour. And then it was repeated another three times. Yes, we did the same activity for four hours straight after a boring assembly. Then we had another assembly that talked about the same thing as the first one.

What shocked me was how rude the year nines were. And literally all of the girls were plastic – so they looked the same which did amuse me to some extent. But, honestly, they were so rude; they completely ignored us and the teacher (although that is understandable; she had no control over anyone at all) and one girl in particular decided to abuse Ryan. When I was in the lower years I was terrified of sixth formers! Even the weedy geeky ones like me.

I hated the whole day; I was bored and fed up and I missed James 😦 I’ve hardly seen him lately, what with all the snow days and lessons cancelled. I feel like I don’t see him enough, and now I think about it I can’t recall who I actually hang about with. I’m such a saddo. That must be why the year nines were crappy with me. Lol, I’ll break out of my shell this year, though, I’m determined 🙂

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