Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the summer and all that, but…does it have to be so sticky? I live in England – the country that most people associate with rain and so when it comes to summer, we Brits are not used to it at all. I enjoy the sun and it’s warmth but when I have to walk to and from school feeling like I’m walking through an oven, it does get a tad painstaking to put up with.

And my hair is strawberry blonde, call it what you will, but that means that I burn easily and I can’t take the heat. So it makes me irritable. Rawr. I don’t get mad, just…well, everything seems to get on my nerves is all. I’m sure it annoys lots of people. But having said that, you may remember that I posted complaining about the snow earlier this year. I can assure you that British people stereotypically are never happy with the weather and yes, this is most certainly the case. I would, however, prefer the sun to the snow because when it is sunny I am less likely to slip and make a scene.

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