Ashes to Ashes

And today, the day that I have been waiting for sees the arrival of Ashes to Ashes, series three, appear on shop shelves. This is the final series of Ashes to Ashes and has been by far the most exciting. The two-part finale almost had me in tears, but I know that it had many of you guys in tears anyway (I’m just hard to upset when it comes to film and television).

I will miss Gene, Chris and Ray very much BUT I don’t want them to make another spin-off series. I love the show, but there’s no point in killing it completely. This isn’t to say that a Christmas special would be unacceptable…tee-hee.

I’ll be buying it very soon – as soon as I get some dosh actually – and I think you should too even if you haven’t seen it. Oh, just go the whole hog and buy all the Life on Mars series as well! You need to have seen that to follow Ashes to Ashes properly.


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