Sleepless Nights

For a few years now I’ve been waking up with a bad back. My 19 year old mattress has had it. It squeaks, it creaks and worst of all there’s a thwacking great dip in the middle. Allow me to confirm that this is from old age, not intense sexual activities.

And so today my parents took me shopping for a mattress. The very thought of waking up on a morning without a back or shoulder excites me something terrible, but I’ve been suffering for along time, I’m afraid.

I loved trying the mattresses, I got to lay down in front of windows in the middle of the High Street. Oh did I feel good.

So now all I have to do is endure four more nights of aching shoulders and then I’ll have a lovely night sleep! I can’t wait to be frank. This has been a long time coming, my friends.

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