Jane Eyre Redesign

So I was in a bookshop yesterday in Bridlington and I came across the classics section and absent-mindedly had a look. A black book with white swirly writing and a melted red candle on the cover caught my eye. My initial thought was Twlight? In the classics section? Oh no. This is the redesign of the Bronte masterpiece: ‘Jane Eyre’. Frankly, it ticked me off. I love the Twilight books but surely the obsession that the female population seems to have with the saga is getting ridiculous. I can just imagine the publisher sitting there thinking, ‘If we make the cover look like Twilight, girls will be stupid enough to buy it and read it, thinking it’s like Twilight.’ Er no.

It would seem that as soon as something that turns out to be very popular is instantly copied by everything else. I mean, come on, everything is taking from Twilight. Look at the explosion of vampire TV shows…and the posters in Claire’s Accessories titled ‘Impress Edward’ or even look at all these people who call themselves vampires. Fair enough if you like it but…I’m not even going into that it’s too deep.

And if you actually look at the book cover (pictured below) you can see that it says at the bottom “You can’t choose who you fall in love with.” Does that ring a bell to anyone?? The storyline of the whole Twilight Saga perhaps? Wow it makes me really angry, and I don’t know why…

I just think it’s ridiculous that people are copying Twilight all-the-time. It’s actually putting me off it a bit. And I like it. Well, I used to.

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