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Lions Club Youth Exchange to Germany

I care not for who reads this, but I need to share my experiences somehow… the past week spent in Witzenhausen with the various German Lions Clubs has to be one of the top 3 highlights of my life so far. Just going to Germany shatters the ridiculous stereotype that people have of Germans, and perhaps reinforces the stereotype that some English people are ignorant of Europe and its wonders.

I’ll fill you in, faithful reader; the Garforth Lions and other clubs around the Leeds area are involved with Lions Clubs in Germany and they alternate their visits each year. This time, I got a shot at accompanying them, providing that I and my friend Mark helped out when they needed us to do so.

I kid you not, the sheer amount of people that I have met in the past week was staggering and they were all so amazingly kind and nice and friendly! I loved them all!

I think what I got most out of the trip was the responsibility that was given to me and the awareness of disabled people, young and old, because, to be perfectly frank, I’ve never encountered disabled people until now and I’ll admit that I never understood what being disabled was all about, how it felt to look after someone etc etc.. and… yes, it’s crazily hard.. but definitely worthwhile.

I’m telling you all this in order to promote awareness of the Garforth Lions and Leeds District Lions etc because I don’t think enough people know about them; I certainly didn’t have a clue what they were all about, never mind knowing about these trips to Germany every other year. Those people who know me will know that the German language is one of my passions, but I beg you, don’t roll your eyes…because this genuinely is a fantastic thing that the Lions do for disabled people.

This past week I’ve made lots of new friends for life – English and German – I’ve visited the more unknown, but amazing places in Germany, flown in a tiny plane(!), fulfilled myself as a person and generally had the time of my life…so I’m asking you, please get involved with the Lions, even if you just show you’re support for them, they really do do a huge and fantastic job for people of all ages and of all kinds.

Anyway, thank you for putting up with me if you got this far, much appreciated 😀

Brittany x

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