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What is this ridiculous period of time that I’m going through?! I mean come on, it’s the summer, surely I should be enjoying it?! But instead, I find myself sitting in, watching it rain, rather than shine, kinda wishing the next month away. And I’m thinking to myself: I should be cramming these next few weeks with seeing friends, spending time with family and just generally having fun because there is just not that much time left until university (yay!). But it’s so boring, there’s like nothing to do because people are busy getting ready for uni, I’m going to Germany on Thursday for 6 days, y’know, there’s just no time left to do anything. So for the moment I’m stuck in this disgraceful limbo where I can’t really do anything big because I’m going away in, what? Five days? Oh my God, five days…scared much?

I’m sure there are many other people who agree with me, especially at this age because exams have finished, and therefore there’s no homework to be done. People have acquired part time jobs, so there’s not much free time to be had with friends and university is in September, meaning that I’ve been sitting around the house doing crap all (other than the couple of times that I’ve been in Germany obviously) and I’m sick to the back teeth of it.

I think, also, being stuck in the house means that I rely on the internet more than I should and I talk to friends online on an evening. And as many people know, I’d much rather talk to someone face-to-face than on the internet, but needs must, I suppose. Anyhow, when I talk to people too often online, I usually get the wrong end of the stick and become fed up with them saying the same thing over and over and over and over again. Oh. See what I did there? Muaha.

So at the moment I’m watching this German film on TV, I doubt that any other member of the United Kingdom is also, unless they’re called Mark. Bearing that in mind, I doubt that too because it’s really quite late. So I should be in bed. It’s actually becoming apparent to me now that I should be in bed because my fingers are literally moving across this keyboard like crazy and I’m just really rubbish off to you. So, apologies for the complete and utter irrelevance of this last paragraph.

I hope your summers are going very well, I know mine will kick off sooner or later.


Brittany 🙂

2 thoughts on “Limbo”

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