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So Long…for the Time Being

As you know, I’ve finished my academic time at Brigshaw and I’m waiting to go to York St John on Sunday, so I guess- wait, what?! Sunday?! Sunday. That’s four days away, oh dear God. I don’t know how I’ll go on. But all will be fine. So everyone keeps telling me.

Anyway. This evening I’ve been to Brigshaw for a kind of ‘award ceremony’ so that they can sing praises to various people and hand them some awards that have been in the possession of the school since before the prehistoric period, and they’ve also used it as a final goodbye sort of thing. Well, I was surprised to find that I got more worked up than I thought. As I was talking to some of my friends who I’ve known since I was 11 (besides one who I’ve known since I was 3 or 4) it hit me that I might not see any of these people for a very, very long time, if ever again. How can it be that I’ve spent a whole 7 years with these people and now we’re all drifting off to meet brand new friends and forget the ones that we had? Of course, I won’t be forgetting the majority of them any time soon (the fact that there are the odd few that I’ll be glad to be shot of is irrelevant) and then I thank the Lord for the wonderful gift of Facebook. Yes, crude, I know, but you see, this tool has allowed me to begin talking to people that I’m going to be living with for the next year (or thereabouts) of my life. Marvellous! And it will also allow me to keep in relatively close touch with my dear friends from Brigshaw. Technology is not so cruel after all, providing that it works, God forbid when it doesn’t -_- .

So I guess it’s time for me to say a fond farewell to Brigshaw after all these years and the good people that are in it, I will definitely miss them. But, I’ve told myself not to dwell on the past and to concentrate on the here and now when I reach university. It is going to be impossible to keep in touch with everyone all the time, heck, I have friends in Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic who I find it difficult to keep track of, but they never disappear from my mind. I’m certain that we’ll all have some kind of reunion in years to come and if we don’t, then we should just erase the 7 years at Brigshaw and pretend it never happened. Which is ridiculous.

Ciao fellas

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