The Night Before Christmas…

Okay, so it’s a cliche title, but what else can I say? It’s Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve!! Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond excited for Christmas tomorrow and, no, I’m not gonna deny it, but I’m very excited about the presents and the dinner! Speaking of which, as a miniature rant, it really bugs me when people go on about not being selfish for Christmas, how the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten over the years and people are just getting greedier and greedier, yet they still accept and cherish the presents that they get anyway. They don’t help out the family with their dinner and they find the time and energy to moan about shops being busy with Christmas shoppers. Granted, I moan…a lot…but I’d never go on and on and on and on about something and then complete contradict what I’ve said.

Now before I get so bogged down into the ethics of hypocritical Scrooges, I’m going to continue with my excitement for Santa coming! It’s probably inappropriate that I’m 19 years old – 19?! – and I still find the enthusiasm for Christmas, but why not?? It’s a day for spending time with the family, having a mahoosive dinner that’s not a typical student ready meal for once which I am sick of by the way, and then there are the presents. It’s just an all round amazing da- time of year, in fact. I mean, my living room looks beautiful right now with the fairy lights on the tree, Christmas cards stuck all over and a pantomime on the TV. Talking of TV…I watched A Muppet’s Christmas Carol this morning – favourite Christmas film EVER.

So yes, I’m sitting here in my knitted cardigan with my lovely wintry socks on my new sofa trying to be somewhat interesting, watching ITV2’s pantomime, Aladdin, getting evermore giddier for tomorrow. 😀 THE EXCITEMENT IS UNBEARABLE. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas from me and a Happy New Year and I’ll speak to y’all again soon! 😀

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