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So! University update! I’m sure you know that my course is Film and Television Production and that I love it so much. I love the people, the content – regardless of the ridiculous essays that we have to do that make absolutely no  sense – and the fact that this could be my life one day.

We’ve recently been preparing to start filming our second fiction project, which, in a few basic words, is the opening sequence to a film or TV show. In this, I’ve been given the roles of script writer (yes!) and actress (ahh…) both of which I’m fiiiine with. Thing is, I’ve never really acted before apart from in my ‘Robyn’ trailer (a trailer for a TV show about a modern day female Robin Hood) that I made in year 13 for my media A Levels. And even then, I wasn’t playing a nagging, pregnant wife. Shit. Pregnant wife? How the Hell am I gonna manage this when I’m barely out of my teens? True, there are girls thrown into motherhood before they’re ready, but still. Bit worried about how I’m gonna achieve this. But I shall! Nothing will stop me!

Oh dear.


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