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Royal Television Society Student Awards, 20.03.12

Last Tuesday, I went to York Race Course with most of the people from my course at uni to witness the RTS student awards and, to be

Before the awards begin - at York Race Course

honest, York St John did extremely well. I’ll jump straight in there with the fact that the talented students from my uni practically owned the documentary category, winning both runner-up prizes and the winner’s prize. I reckon there were about five or six other uni’s and colleges there and all of them did really well. It’s just that they didn’t have as big a fan base as what our uni did. This, of course, is down to the fact that there were at least 40 first year students getting tipsy at the back of the room and cheering every time the hostess said York St John’s name.

The awards, handed out by one of our very own documentary tutors, Robin, consisted of big crates of beer and some actual RTS awards. This wasn’t something that was just thrown together by tutors across Yorkshire, oh no. It was the real deal with the majority of people dressed up to the nines.

At the RTS student awards

For each nomination, a clip of the film was shown and I must say that the quality of all of the films was fantastic – I hope I make something as good as those one day. All I’m going to say that’s ever so slightly negative is

that just a couple of them sang out ‘Student Film’ a little bit, which isn’t even a bad thing. No, I’ve said that all wrong. Well, I haven’t because they are student films. I hope you get what I mean in my lovely rambles.Probably the best part of the whole night was when they unveiled the buffet of bacon sandwiches. This, in my opinion, is the perfect buffet that anyone could offer to students anywhere. To be honest, it was worth going just for that because it was free and the bacon was amazing.. The whole event was free actually which is an extra bonus. The only thing was that I didn’t get a drink because they were so expensive. An example is that a very small and undignified glass of Pepsi was apparently worth £1.50. No, thanks. And a pint of a number of beers were at least £4. This is why I stayed very, very sober that night as I am a poor student with not a single pound to my name any more. I probably deserve it after spending my loan on nothing but pizza and new clothes -_- .But yes, definitely a brilliant night and may I just say to all the students who submitted their films to this; well done! 😀

At the RTS student awards

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