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Review: The Hunger Games

There’s a lot of hype about this film, kinda reminding me of the obsession that there is with other such films as Twilight. Obviously though, this film has more plot. Far too much plot. There’s so many different threads and storylines that they seem to struggle to fit them all into the supposed 2 hours that it runs for. I think it’s a great idea; having a to-the-death match between young people whose names are pulled out of a hat, but with the whole being set in the future where all the ‘poorer people’ live in twelve ‘Districts’ according to the industry of that are and how everyone living there is literally living as peasant in some kind of medieval era – breathe – is a tad complicated. It’s just so rushed. There’s no explanation of how the world gets to this state in the future and why all the people living in the richer are of ‘Capitol’/’Capital’ all dress ridiculously like something out of a happy Tim Burton movie. Fair enough, I can’t predict the future and a filmmaker is allowed to make the future in their film whatever they want it to be (take Back to the Future as a beautiful example) however, I just couldn’t believe it when I was watching it. Not that I was astounded or anything, I just couldn’t imagine it ever happening. I think it’s important that when you’re watching a film, you get immersed into it and actually believe that it’s happening for however long you’re watching it for – this is why 3D is unnecessary; we don’t need fancy special effects to be involved and drawn into a film. Anyway, I digress.
I just felt like sometimes they were cheating with making the film. Like, this ‘Hunger Games’ event has been running for 73 years previous to this one and halfway through the film *Slight Spoiler Alert, because you will be able to guess what happens* the ‘government-type’ people decide to change the rule that there must be one winner, hey let’s have two winners from the same district instead. Oh! I see! So this means that both Katniss and Peter – the main characters in all of this – will be able to win and won’t have to face the trauma of killing one another because they’re meant to be in love. DON’T even get me started on whether they love each other or not, I just couldn’t grasp that at all. 
Right, if you’re confused now, this pleases me. I’m not willing to break the whole film down into an easy-to-read blog post because it’s a complicated film to watch. Or, rather, no, it’s not complicated. It changes its own story throughout to make things work. For example, anyone that saves Katniss’ life, you think ‘Oh crap, she’s gonna have to try to kill them later on in the film’. But no. She doesn’t. They decide that it’s a good idea to drop some mutant dogs in there so she doesn’t have to kill them. And since when was this a battle  between the ‘government’ and the kids? It’s not! It’s meant to be between the kids…and the kids. And there’s a point where they decide with their fancy computers that they’re going to try and kill Katniss by setting their own forest on fire and firing fire balls at her. So much fire everywhere! But again, I thought this was a battle between the kids? Doesn’t seem that way, huh.
I just think that this whole story is a brilliant idea but they’ve kinda ruined it. I haven’t read the book so I can’t really say anything about that, even though I’ve kinda slated its narrative, but I just think it should’ve been creepier and more serious. I didn’t feel tense at all throughout the whole thing and I feel like I should have. Because it is a kind of creepy and disturbing idea that this country, whether it’s the United States or not, I don’t know, has separated people with barbed wire fencing, similar to some kind of Nazi Germany state, and every year pits young people against each other until they kill one another. It should have been more creepy! More tense as they hide from each other. There needed to be more jeopardy. I never got upset when any of the characters died, *Spoiler Alert* not even the little girl Rue who Katniss took under her wing. I wish so much that the story was better because, to be honest, I was disappointed. Which is a bit better than what can be said for Samuel Carter who angrily ranted about it after the film and continually whispered ‘Gayyyy’ at me every time someone died, kissed, fell, got their neck broken or smiled.
Needless to say, as a film and without thinking about it AT ALL, I can say that I did enjoy it to some extent, because I like films anyway and the cinematography ( 😉 ) was pretty good. BUT, oh dear this has just reminded me, that the camera work at points is so shocking. Well, it’s most likely not down to the camera operator, but to the director who must have ordered them to shake the camera around like crazy, so much so that sometimes I couldn’t even make out what was on screen.
Anyway, I’m sure people that adore The Hunger Games mat feel ever so slightly heart broken, but I feel sorry for you! If I’d read the book and absolutely loved it, I would be disappointed with this film, it just seems to rush and skip over a lot of significant plots. Not to say that I wouldn’t watch it again, got to give everything a second chance I think. Except Going Overboard and Hot Tub Time Machine. UGH. 🙂
And Katniss is supposed to be 16?! Is that a joke? I thought she was meant to be 23 or something! Mind blown.

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