Music, University

29th April, 2012

Just so you all know, I got a brand spanking new phone on Friday and boiii is it  beautiful. Evidently, it also changes me into some kind of posh chav.. Hmm. Anyway, there’s no real moral to this post at all, so if that’s what you’re looking for, leave now. Why you’re on this blog then, I’ve no idea. But anyway, it’s been a pretty boring weekend. I haven’t done anything apart from drain my phone’s battery because I love playing all the games and stuff on it. And somehow I’ve managed to use half of my internet allowance in two days. I’m terrible with money and budgeting and things like that. But yeah, it’s not been a great weekend. Just to get all emo on your arse, I’ve felt a teensy bit down, but it’s nothing that can’t be solved easily. 🙂 So I’ll stop whining now and inform you that I’ve been listening to the sweet, sultry sound of Buble’s voice…

Have a good Monday tomorrow and let the rest of the week follow smoothly 🙂

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