Well This is New

Hi…again. It’s kind of been a long time since I posted anything! Bit ashamed of myself I have to say. So, firstly I’d like to kick off with how old I am. 20. Bloody hell. I’m shocked. And my friends, being as amazing as they are have decided that it’s a great idea to remind me that I’m ten years from being thirty and I’m half way to forty. Dear God. Don’t even complain if you’re older. I will find you.

Secondly, me and my crew have just finished shooting a film called little Things. Essentially its about two strangers in a room waiting for their mutual friend to come back downstairs but one of them is insanely annoying, driving the other mad. It’s intended to be a comedy and you can follow our progress on Facebook at http://m.facebook.com/FeetDownFilms?__user=1316686053. We’re now waiting to get into the editing stage which our wonderful editor is going to take care of. In case you’re wondering, I’m sound operator/technician (which sounds more important). To be honest, it’s not the best role but it’s ridiculously important so it was kind of crucial that I didn’t screw up. So yeah, follow our page! You will (probably) be able to see the film when it’s finished 🙂

Thirdly, I’m writing this post from my brand new kindle fire HD which is amazingggg.

Fourthly, it’d be nice to think that I’ve encouraged people to continue with their blogs. Would be so delightful. 🙂


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