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Oh My Lord

As I’ve been wrapping Christmas presents and writing Christmas cards to be ready for three days’ time, I’ve been watching Noddy Holder’s top 50 Christmas songs. For those of you who are unaware of who Noddy Holder is, he’s the guy behind IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAASSS! Still nothing? Okay. Who even are you. Anyhow, I’ve decided that one of my favourite Christmas videos is this one:

That’s right, Mary’s Boy Child by good old Boney M. I mean, just look at it! Look how happy they are! I love how joyful this look singing this song, especially the guy, he’s just bopping away like there’s no tomorrow! And it’s one of those old classics that you just don’t get anymore. If this was made today, artists would just be laughed at or it would be considered some kind of postmodern bull. Yeah. None of this is to say, however, that this is my favourite Christmas song; in fact, it’s quite a way down the list beaten by Wham’s Last Christmas, Cliff Richard’s Mistletoe and Wine and Elton John’s Step Into Christmas. It’s such a happy time of year! I’m sitting here, procrastinating when I should be writing a 5,000 word essay, repping the flashing Christmas jumper as happy as balls. Ha, balls.

Oh gosh, this isn’t great blog material is it? I’ll get off now, and if I don’t speak to you again, have a wonderful Christmas!!


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