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That’s a Wrap!

I know, I know, it’s been a while but I’ve been super busy being the director of the shiny new steampunk web series known as A Murder of Crows which I’m sure you’ve all heard of by now. It’s feisty, it’s fun, but most of all it’s really close to my heart. It’s been a year now since this idea has been circling around my brain, trying to get out and eventually, it did. Thank god. I wrote the script, submitted it for reviews, changed it (drastically at times) and voilà! I’m sitting here, trying to stay awake on like 5 hours’ sleep thinking well, that’s it. All we have to do now is edit the damn thing and then there it is, ready for the world to watch, enjoy and love. Or watch, loathe and tear to shreds, but we’ll see. Audiences are very tricky to determine, but I figured if I like it, our audience will also like it.

It’s been a tough three weeks. We’ve done a lot of filming which includes an awful lot of late nights and early mornings. We’ve had stresses and fallings out, people being sad or angry or frustrated, but we’re all friends again now and we’re all excited to see what the edit will bring. It’s been lovely to see something that I’ve written and formed become something physical and real that other people believe in and I am so excited to present it to the steampunk community to see what everyone thinks of it. The dream then is for it to become a beloved web-series and for it to turn into something magnificent. I have plenty more ideas for other episodes and I desperately want to carry it on. It all depends of course on the reception and any funding, but that’s just how the industry works.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures to goggle over and I’ll try to keep you updated with what’s going on! I promise x

Day 3 (10)Day 6 (3)Day 7 (3)Crew Picture


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