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The End is Nigh!

Pretty certain I’ve used this as a blog post title before, in regards to the end of sixth form or the end of my terrible first year or something academicone-does-not-simply-write-a-dissertation
related, but the end is actually here. It’s looming fast, yes, my three years at uni are almost over! What is life, no seriously. I’m on the brink of submitting my dissertation; a 10,000 word document about The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’ve enjoyed it, sure, but as anyone can tell you, writing a lengthy essay is more boring than it is fun, even when you’re talking about the joys of the representation of women in films.

So there’s about three weeks left at uni: including two days to submit the dissertation, and a couple of weeks to edit the film and write one final essay about it. And then that’s it. Done. Can’t…quite…handle it. And then! After all this university lark is over, I’m off on a trip to Mexico. Probably the most exotic place I’ve ever been (Australia doesn’t count here – like you knew that anyway). And then, after all of that, I need to start real life. Need to get a job, pay some rent on a proper house with mah pals and start an adult sort of life. I mean come on. I’m scared! But no, it’ll be alright. My plans? To eventually achieve a PGCE and become an English and Media Studies teacher. That’s the dream! Well. There are other dreams, but that’s the realistic dream. We’ll see about the others when I’ve earned a bit of dollar.

Life after uni is scary. I mean, there are plenty of scary times in your life when you have to make crucial decisions and make something out of your life, like after sixth form and what options to take at school, things like that. But this, this is something. Uni life is so cushy, people talk about how poor you are and how difficult it is to deal with housemates and living independently, but let’s be honest, living as a student is a doddle. You live with friends (eventually if you’re me), you have ample amounts of free time in which you can watch Netflix, and you get the famous student loan with which you can buy clothes and shoes and anything you want (including food of course). Yes, being a student is easy, but the real world does not seem as great. So if you are a student with at least one more year to go, enjoy it, because it’s the best opportunity that you’re going to get for a long while (unless you’re super lucky in which case, go you!) This isn’t to say that uni is the best thing that anyone can do; uni isn’t for some people and there’s plenty out there who have amazing lives without it. But it was the right decision for me and it might be for you. So treasure it! Because it goes faster than you think. I never dreamed this day would come, but it has and I feel extremely old (at 21, phew). Just be good, kids. And get your assignments done early!

Dissertation-Year Fellowship Eligibility

8 thoughts on “The End is Nigh!”

  1. I’m just finishing my third year at uni too – just handed in my dissertation! Growing up and thinking what the hell I’m going to do with my life (the fear of having to act like an adult) is definitely starting to kick in! Cool blog !

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I think it’s the fact that I have to act like an adult that’s the scariest part! I’m just about to hand my dissertation in D:

      1. I’m just in a state of shock thinking that 25% of my whole law degree has been completed. And yes, I plan on getting the best night’s sleep tonight. I’ve missed my bed haha

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