Life Experience

Egg Attack!


This is a really, really big Easter egg that Sam bought for me the other weekend – spoilt, I know – and yesterday was the landmark day when I started to hack into it. I’ve been staring at it for a while, wondering how to go about it and to be honest I’ve been quite intimidated by it…I mean look at it! But yesterday I manned up and dug in.

Step 1: Open the box carefully in case it jumps out and attacks. (This did not occur)


Step 2: Place in the largest bowl you can find, even though it still manages to dwarf it.


Step 3: Select appropriate weapon and threaten the egg with its blade.


Step 4: Take said weapon and pierce through the top. Consequently get the knife slightly stuck.


Step 5: Proceed to claw at the egg with bare hands, demonstrating strength and power.


Step 6: Drop fallen pieces into the previously dwarfed bowl until satisfying amount of chocolate is reached.


Step 7: Admire handiwork and watch the egg as it admits defeat.


Step 8: Take photo looking into the darkness that is the inside of the chocolate cave.


Step 9: Turn flash on inside egg.


Step 10: DEMOLISH IT. (Just kidding, just eat the pieces you ripped off. (Also no picture of me eating).)

I love chocolate. That is all 🙂

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