Autumn days when the grass is jewelled.

Or something like that anyway. The title is kinda related – bear with (as somebody once used to say who drove me up the wall). Wow, we got off topic rather swiftly there.


I’ve been working at a secondary school for the last three weeks and even though I am so thoroughly happy that it’s the weekend (Yay weekend!) I am really enjoying myself here. I’m just an intern, so nothing special or glamorous, but it means that I’m getting the experience that I need if I do decide that I want to be a teacher. What’s weird though, I suppose is that it’s my old school. Yah. Like, my ex teachers are now my colleagues and I’m just about getting my head around it. Almost. It’s only been three weeks, there’s time.

I love working with kids, I love education. For the last few years I’ve been terrified of leaving it but do you just know, teaching might be my calling. I mean, everyone’s just so nice and it’s great working with teenagers and helping them learn and set out their life goals.

Omg I have to go, the cleaners are here. BYEE.

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