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Biggest Day of My Life So Far…

Tomorrow is looming, it’s getting ever closer and my knees are starting to knock ever so slightly. It’s time, after these three years studying and working my arse off, to finally receive the award that I have earned. A First Class Degree in Film and Television Production, from York St John University and I am crazy proud right now. Not just of myself though, of everyone on my course, all of my friends that I have met along the way who I have slaved with over assignments and productions. Tomorrow will start the rest of my life from now on as I will be able to officially say, “I have a degree to my name.”

Many people my age have already graduated, back in the summertime when the weather sort of promised to be pleasant. Mine is in November, in the cold and hopefully not the wet. But this is all for good reason; we, as York St John Graduands will be entering the York Minster as mere students and leaving as fully matured graduates. I say fully matured, that can be used loosely for a small number of people. Yes! York Minster of all places, the building that tourists from all over the world flock to gawk at and take thousands of photographs of the wonderful thing.

It would perhaps be an understatement to say that tomorrow is going to be grand because it isย most certainly going to be of the utmost grandeur and amazement and I can’t bloody wait. I will (of course) upload photographs from the day onto here, even though I seem to have a habit of neglecting my writing.

Anyhow. Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day and I wish everyone else at York St John the best time this week x


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