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Feeling 22 (At Least)

Age is a funny thing. Like, actually weird. I turned 22 on Saturday, what even is that?

I’m working at a school, whereas 3 months ago, I was living the life at uni, going out three times a week, going to bed when I pleased, waking up when I’m actually awake. Now, I’m up at 05:45, taking an hour to travel to and from work and I am working my butt off with kids that I never thought I would meet.

It’s fine. It’s a fine job, it’s not a problem. But it’s hard. It’s hard working in a school when you are constantly faced with kids and their personal lives that they bring to the school.

High schools seem terrifying to other people – “How can you possibly work with teenagers?! They’re horrible!” My answer to thatย is they can be horrible. But so can middle aged people that you might work with in your high rise office. You get good and bad in everybody and that is no different with kids in a high school.

One of the most difficult things I find, however, is motivation. Because I am essentially an assistant for kids who need that extra help within lessons, the students that I work with are not always keen to be in school which of course makes the job difficult but also interesting. Naturally, at first I was frustrated with them and would get mad at them but now, I sit back and talk them into it. It’s much easier now, obviously because I’ve been working with them for like 10 weeks and now they kinda know me (even got a birthday card off one charming sixth former).

It is a scary job, there’s no denying that. There’s the fear of having a constantly changing day at school and there’s the fear of getting something wrong because you are literally working with a person and contributing to their future life and development. That’s a scary thing. Even though I’m not a teacher and I only see some of the kids once a week, I am still there and I am something to do with their school career. Let’s just hope I’m doing it right and not making a fool of myself (which is a very easy thing to do in this sector).

To finish off, here is my anthem for the next 12 months.

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