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I opened my chocolate (after work, not at 6am I’m afraid) and thought yes, Christmas is in sight. Less than three weeks now until the end of term and then the festivities can begin. We have some sort of festivities this week because Friday is a glorious day off and my plan is to relax, recharge and thrive on the fact that I’m not in school. (Still loving school btw…). But I’m tired. The teachers are tired and the kids are tired. And it shows. A lot. Everyone is absolutely done and waiting for Christmas.

For me, it’ll probably really hit home when we play a Christmas film for Film Club next week when I’m sitting there with the wonderful aroma of popcorn and the idea that there really isn’t much time left. Of course, it does fly. Seems a world away since I started working at Brigshaw, even since I finished uni. And then graduation flew past, with my 22nd birthday and all of a sudden Christmas is coming with full force.

Aahh! Crazy.

So with 24 days to go, less than three weeks and a load of presents to buy on not much money I’m kinda on a weird buzz. A buzz that says yes it’s coming, it’s this time of year again (my favourite) and the Christmas jumpers are coming out imminently. Happy, stressed and tired. Wonderful.


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