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Holidays and Professional Development

This time next week I’ll be relishing in the fact that the holidays have begun and I can begin my Christmas time. This is when the non-education sectors throw in ‘omg you can’t even complain about hard work, think about the holidays that you get!’ Yeah. The holidays are great, wouldn’t change them for the world at all. But I will say this; every single teacher deserves it. Jesus Christ do they deserve it. If you’ve never worked in a school then I’m afraid there’s no way of you knowing how stressful working in education is. Cos it is.

The holidays are wonderful, there’s no two ways about it, I love the idea of having two weeks off at Christmas when some people have two days. However, one thing that I will say about the holidays that isn’t so great is that it means that you literally have no flexible time to take off work. Need the doctor? Tough. Kids’ sports day? Don’t think so. Want to see The Hobbit midnight showing? Doubt it. So naturally there are both pros and cons to working in education, like there are to any job in the whole world.

I’m really learning a lot from working this internship and it’s really opening my eyes to real life work both in education and not. I’m really enjoying myself and I think by the end of it I will have changed and developed a lot as a person and I look forward to meeting that version of me.


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