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To Draft or not to Redraft?

This morning got me thinking. Sitting among a class of year 9’s being taught English and how to write a newspaper article led me to ponder – this happens an awful lot now that I am basically back at school – about blog writing. The teacher stood at the front talking about how your first draft is never your final, never the one that you take to the editor and I thought to myself that I never actually re-read my blog posts. Anything could be in there and I wouldn’t notice. But is this because I can’t be bothered or I feel like I don’t need to? Am I at that age in life where I feel like I don’t need to redraft simply because there isn’t anybody there to look at it? Or is it because blogging is such a fast-paced piece of writing to do that there isn’t any time to redraft and think about it? As a blogger should I be more responsible and look over my work, two, three, four times? Or is that a part of the charm of reading a blog – you know that the writer has literally poured their heart into it without a moment’s notice and essentially you get what you’re given.

I have no idea.

Of course, there are no answers – using my rhetorical questions there as a literary technique to spice things up a little and did you see my tripling earlier? This is what year 9 English is doing to me. Not only has it encouraged me to think more carefully about my writing (although I doubt I’m going to read this back before I publish) but I have started writing fiction again after their descriptive writing activities and I have recently started reading a book (I never read). Being at school is actually making me a better person, dontcha know.

I’m also keeping up with my editing skills by making a nice video about the school for their website. Marketing. Yeah.

love blogging

P.S I know the title doesn’t make much sense, I liked it, back off 😉

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