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Christmas Inspiration

I’m at a real loss here, but I haven’t posted in a few days and I have to say something. Only what? The majority of my inspiration comes from working in a secondary school and as it’s the holidays, I’m struggling with interesting things to tell!

But anyway, Christmas has come and gone and I think I’ve been on a festive high for the last three days: Christmas round three was today. Three days of massive dinners (courtesy of my lovely mum), family, friends and party games has left me exhausted and wondering what more there is to life. It’s snowed, it’s frozen and it’s tired me out.

Christmas Day was wonderful, we all love it. I received more amazing presents than I expected or can count and it was lovely to see people’s face light up when they opened my gifts. It’s just a happy time of year, isn’t it??

I will say though, before I wrap this up like a Christmas present (hahahaha) I’m not a huge fan of party games….they bore me….and I get sad when I don’t win….and, again, they just bore me. Which is the opposite of what a game does but there you go.

I’m going to bed now. I’m knackered. I’m done, gonna hibernate now until the 5th which is when school starts again….


2 thoughts on “Christmas Inspiration”

  1. Christmas for me was alright this year. I got a gift for the first time in 7 years from my mother. I didn’t have a fancy party, but I did treat myself to some NFL games on the NFL Network.

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