Life Experience

Spring Time Travel

Always a killer when the clocks go forward, isn’t it? Completely knocks the wind out of me and I tell ya, it’s a good job it’s on a Sunday because I would not be okay if it was on a Monday. For once, they’ve actually thought of something right.

But there are definitely more positives to this than negatives – for one, the nights get lighter, you can still see vague daylight at 8pm now, how exciting! For another, it means the start of spring. More sunshine, more flowers, more days out, more happiness. And that’s what I really need right about now. Kind of appropriate for this time of year that I bought a canvas yesterday that says ‘Bee Happy’ and has a cute little bee on it. Aww.

The rapidly approaching summer also means a lot of changes for me, including moving house and finding a new career direction. Summer of 2015 is gonna be busy busy busy (like a bee hehe).

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