Tiaras and Beaches


You know the score – Don’t Tell the Bride, Bridezillas, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – all about those brides that need everything to be the way they want it, nobody else. Brides, supposed to be radiant and elegant on their wedding dat, transform into great, ugly beings as they snap at family members, cry over dresses and insult their husband’s opinions and it’s all for our viewing pleasure. And I completely agree when people say that this isn’t really an acceptable way of conducting the preparations for a wedding but…yeah.

I saw this unpopular puffin picture and it made me kinda, well…not okay. And yes the reason is because I did take it a smidge personally because to be frank my dream wedding involves ‘living out my delusions of being a princess’. I’ve always loved the princesses of Disney, medieval themed films – just anything royally related. I’m fascinated by the dresses, the hair, the locations and the personalities of princesses. And so what? I don’t want a beach wedding, or a hotel wedding, or a simple wedding in a church. I want to have a princess fairy-tale wedding in a castle (given there’s sufficient dollar in my pocket) with a gorgeous dress and maybe a tiara (omg, yes).

It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you want just you two by the beach, or a hundred people by the beach, or a tradiational church wedding or an underwater wedding or anything, ANYTHING DO WHAT YOU WANT just be nice to people and don’t judge what they might want, it’s not okay. I’ll be a princess if I want *stroppy face*.

I tease.

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