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If You Put Your Mind To It…

Well hasn’t this been an interesting week! Essentially, I’ve finished my first year of university – at about 4:30am last Friday morning to be completely precise when I handed in my final essay – and I’m sitting here thinking where the hell has the time gone?! It’s safe to say that I’ve made some amazing friends, lost some amazing friends and miss some – mainly those from home who I don’t see all that much any more. This will change over the summer, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to keeping up with everyone that I love because I don’t want them to think that I’ve forgotten them. This isn’t to say that university is all about making friends, oh no. I’ve realised this lately. University is – would you believe it – a period of three years in which to gain the knowledge and skills that you’ll need in your future career. Not for making friends. Sure, this is a perk of uni and all that, but it hit me in the face the other day that as everyone’s going home at the moment, back to their real lives in their real homes, they’ll probably forget about each other for a time and things will go relatively back to how they were before uni. And then this led me to think: well what happens after uni? We’ll all go off, searching for our different callings in life and make yet more friends. And forget about some of the ones we made here. And then, we’ll get different jobs. Life is constantly about leaving people you love behind. Sure, you’ll never completely forget them, but they won’t be present in your life forever. It’s hard to understand if you’ve been out of school for a good few years, but you don’t realise until your very last year of school that you’re most likely not going to interact with any of these people again that you’ve spent at least 5 years with. And here I am, getting all ‘down in the dumps’ (really not) about growing up, but then I think to myself that life is going to be full of opportunities and that I can do anything I want in life. Anyone can.. And this is when good ol’ Marty McFly comes into it: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”. I’m all happy now.. might have to go watch Back to the Future. That’ll top it off. You should do the same. Yes

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I came home for the Easter break yesterday and now, after pigging out on practically everything that my parents’ fridge has to offer and taking full advantage of the sofa and therefore the remote control, I’m finally getting around to doing something worth a little more than soaking up the wonders of The Big Bang Theory and The Jeremy Kyle Show everyday. That said, I can’t say I’ve seen 09:25am for a long time and usually have to submit myself to ITV Player on a night, say about 2 o’ clock in the morning.

So I’ve been thinking (shocking, yes) and I’ve come to the conclusion that this holiday is solely for watching as many films as possible, catching up with my friends who I haven’t seen for months and spending much needed time with the fam-a-lam. This break certainly is going to be good, catching up with people, places and some much needed sleep that I seem to be fond of forgetting about when I’m at university.

It’s just that, naturally, and as expected, I’m going to miss my York companions perhaps a little too much. My two girls, the course and other people who I’ve met and love spending time with. What I won’t miss, I suppose, is the house at Limes Court, my uni accommodation. I left it with the others, sick of the state of the kitchen and the generic dullness of the whole house. Yes, I did say that the kitchen is a mess and I’ll tell you for why: we’re students and we’re not- … who am I kidding? The kitchen’s a tip because some people who I live with are actually disgusting and no matter how many times me and a couple of others actually clean it, the rest of them take it upon themselves to screw it all up again. Lovely people, ey!

But this is a happy and positive post and I refuse to allow myself to get bogged down with rants about the grotty student house in which I currently reside. Easter is going to be a fantastic time for me, and I intend to make good time for everyone who I love. You should also do this! I suppose this can be the ‘moral’ for my post, spend time with your loved ones while you can! Life is just too short to not make time for the people in your life.

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Royal Television Society Student Awards, 20.03.12

Last Tuesday, I went to York Race Course with most of the people from my course at uni to witness the RTS student awards and, to be

Before the awards begin - at York Race Course

honest, York St John did extremely well. I’ll jump straight in there with the fact that the talented students from my uni practically owned the documentary category, winning both runner-up prizes and the winner’s prize. I reckon there were about five or six other uni’s and colleges there and all of them did really well. It’s just that they didn’t have as big a fan base as what our uni did. This, of course, is down to the fact that there were at least 40 first year students getting tipsy at the back of the room and cheering every time the hostess said York St John’s name.

The awards, handed out by one of our very own documentary tutors, Robin, consisted of big crates of beer and some actual RTS awards. This wasn’t something that was just thrown together by tutors across Yorkshire, oh no. It was the real deal with the majority of people dressed up to the nines.

At the RTS student awards

For each nomination, a clip of the film was shown and I must say that the quality of all of the films was fantastic – I hope I make something as good as those one day. All I’m going to say that’s ever so slightly negative is

that just a couple of them sang out ‘Student Film’ a little bit, which isn’t even a bad thing. No, I’ve said that all wrong. Well, I haven’t because they are student films. I hope you get what I mean in my lovely rambles.Probably the best part of the whole night was when they unveiled the buffet of bacon sandwiches. This, in my opinion, is the perfect buffet that anyone could offer to students anywhere. To be honest, it was worth going just for that because it was free and the bacon was amazing.. The whole event was free actually which is an extra bonus. The only thing was that I didn’t get a drink because they were so expensive. An example is that a very small and undignified glass of Pepsi was apparently worth £1.50. No, thanks. And a pint of a number of beers were at least £4. This is why I stayed very, very sober that night as I am a poor student with not a single pound to my name any more. I probably deserve it after spending my loan on nothing but pizza and new clothes -_- .But yes, definitely a brilliant night and may I just say to all the students who submitted their films to this; well done! 😀

At the RTS student awards
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And So We Continue on Our Journey…

We’re in semester two now of university and, to be honest, it’s getting a bit tiresome. Yeeessss of course I’m still enjoying it what with the course content, new friends and the aspect of living in the beautiful city of York but…I dunno it’s getting a bit too…repetitive. Repetitive. And I miss home. I think what’s hitting me most is the lack of home comforts that you get at uni, such as a sofa, as crazy and ridiculous as it sounds and yes, you might say, “You’ve got a bed, it’s practically the same thing,” but it just isn’t. I want a sofa. To sprawl on, to lounge on like an absolute slob. You can’t be a slob at uni, regardless of what preconceptions people have of students; yes we sleep in, yes we eat ridiculous amounts of crap and yes, sometimes getting up for a lecture is just too much of an effort to even be bothered with but here there’s nowhere to just sit and chill. Fair enough, I sit in my room on my bed with the laptop on more times than I’d care to imagine, but I want to be able to literally fester in front of a big TV with a thwacking great bar of Galaxy chocolate as my only friend.


That’s another thing that we don’t have here. Some people do, some have a TV in their room which is all well and good I suppose but I’m guessing it’s just not the same. And where the hell do they find the bloody time to watch it?? I never seem to have any spare time to just sit and watch something like a film anyway, never mind wasting hours sitting in front of the box. Waste of money if you ask me. But I could be wrong, as with many things, this is just thought processes that are going through my head right now, as interesting as they are to you, I’m certain 😉

So anyway, yes. University is becoming boring. No, wait, wrong word. Tedious.

At least at home I could have a whole day doing nothing in a way that I want, not sleeping in ’til the afternoon because there is literally crap all to doMeh.

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Today – regardless of the fact that it’s now tomorrow at about 1 in the morning – has been one of the most interesting days of my life. I’ll enlighten you; today I discovered some of my mum’s home made flapjack in our kitchen cupboards. I have some recollection of her actually making this for me and, yes, I’m pretty sure that it’s mine, but in all honesty, you should have witnessed the glee on my face and therefore my housemates’ glee. Immense, I tell you! I had previously thought that I didn’t have any kind of sweet snacks stashed away and it just so happened that I was looking for a tub for some pasta for my lunch tomorrow – which I decided against in all the excitement – and there it was: a Celebrations tub with something in it. I was ecstatic, as I’m sure you can imagine.

However, this is not all that was discovered in our beautifully disgusting kitchen this evening, oh no. My lovely housemate, Tom, decided that it was a good idea to throw my slipper up on top of the cupboards and he did. But when it landed, to our horror, it disappeared behind the cupboard and made a rattling noise. Now this, as I’m sure you’re thinking right now, was terrifying. Being the brave soul that I am, I stood on a chair and reached to get the slipper, which I did, and I also found a disgusting and manky Costcutter bag with something in it. Just picture the fear on our faces as we discovered this awful specimen of student life from previous years…okay I’ll cut the crap (thank God, she says) No, I can’t really spruce up the events of today so much that you’ll think that they’re absolutely wonderful and joyful and simply amazing. But, the message I’m trying to get across tonight is that me and my housemates had a laugh, this time not at each other. It amazes me that (now bear with me as I go all sentimental on you) I’ve known these people for, what? Five weeks? And I love them all so much already. Every day is something different when we get to hang out; the conversations that we have vary each day and we learn something new about each other constantly.

Now I can see that this post has taken a turn for the…shall we say, boring? Yes. But I need an outlet and you, WordPress, you, minimal, yet awesome readers are it. So suck it up and listen to me when I say that I have the best house anyone in uni could ask for. Period.

-Oh my God, did I just say period? FML.-


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“Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust”

Okay, you got me. So the Owl City song Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust has no relevance to what I’m about to write, but my figuring is that it has the word ‘dreams’ in it, giving you an overall impression of what I’m gonna talk about tonight. Wow. It makes me wonder how people can stand me at times.

Anyhow, I had this weirdly vivid dream last night about me and a friend. Now, I’m sure that most adults have had a dream or two about getting intimate with a friend and, to be honest, I found it pretty scary. I mean, consciously I feel nothing for this guy other than the fact that he’s one of my good friends and, yes, I do like him but not in that way. I have already told this to my other friend and she’s resolved it for me, so apologies to her if she’s reading this thinking I didn’t believe her, because I did. However, that’s beside the point. My argument is that now I feel all awkward around him like he knows what this dream was about, or that he can just read it off my face – which he probably can because I have the worst poker face on the planet, if I even have one at all. Alright, I know I’m being irrational and this is probably one of the most pointless posts I’ve written, but when ya gotta spill what’s in your head, you just gotta let it out. Of course, I’m not going to mention any names and God forbid if he actually reads this – which I doubt because my readers are pretty minimal at this stage, right?

So yeah, awkward conversations (on my part), awkward eye contact (again, on my part) and awkward, awkward, awkward images now in my head, pray to God, not also in his.

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University Life Thus Far…

Prepare yourselves for a lengthy, yet clearly interesting, ramble. As you know, I’ve recently started university and it’s safe to say that on the very first day here, I was absolutely bricking it. I don’t think that I’ve ever been so scared of anything in my whole life, regardless of the many trips to different countries, particularly the one on my own. This experience, I knew, was going to change my life incompletely and irreversibly. However, before I continue about how terrifying the whole experience was on that first day, I’ll enlighten you to the fact that I’m now completely and utterly settled in, I couldn’t be having a better time to be honest – well maybe if we were able to party every night and day without the problem of becoming overtired or needing to feed ourselves, but that’s irrelevant.

Anyhow, the first day did not, I will admit, go smoothly. I think I was shaking the whole time and I just felt like I wanted to throw up. That is until I actually arrived at the house and started unpacking stuff. Okay, that’s a lie, I was still scared, but I felt much better after I’d met people that I’d actually been speaking to online who I was waiting to come live with. I’d met all of them on Facebook bar one, but he’s lovely anyway, so I was pretty relieved to be honest. You must know that I love my house-mates, as you’ve probably established from the wondrous video of drunken antics posted earlier this week. Not that we’re getting too drunk. Oh come on, what am I saying? Of course, we’re Freshers and it’s Freshers’ Week, so of course we’re getting a little bit more tipsy than we should be doing. Not to sound like a bad influence or anything, but a particular house-mate and myself are extreme lightweights, so not only is it relatively cheap for us to get drunk, it also seems to be a hilarious experience for the rest of the house, and therefore Limes Court (our accommodation name – isn’t it precious?).

So, aside from the fact that we’re been drinking plenty of pop, we’ve also been attending actual lectures and workshops, which, I am told, is the idea of going to university in the first place and, I must say, it’s all been wonderfully interesting and delightful to learn and to have to work again. No, I’m joking, in all seriousness, my course is genuinely very interesting…which is perhaps the reason that I chose it…and I’m really excited to get it under way and to start on some actual TV and film projects. In case you are unaware, which I’m positive that you’re not, my course is Film and Television Production (BA Hons) at York St John University. (It’s now that I’ve realised it might have been a good idea to kick off this post with that fascinating piece of information, but no matter.)

I’m sure some of you lovely people will have either been to university/started university or may be thinking of going there in the future and even though it’s been barely more than I week, I gotta say that this has been one of the best decisions of my life. Sure, I know I’ve had amazing experiences over the years, particularly this year with all the travelling, but this is something far, far different. It’s difficult to describe neatly how I actually feel about university so I’ll just leave you with these four words: Live for the moment.

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Boom, baby!

And this, my dear friends is a testament to the past few years that I’ve spent with some lovely, lovely people to Mr. Blue Sky, appropriate because it’s jolly, happy and down-right amazing as a song. I know this video will keep the memories with me for a long time, especially through and after university.

I will miss you and I love you all!!