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Stick to your guns…but keep an open mind

I have Spotify, only got it recently but it really has developed my love for music. Before, never bothered. I only really like Owl City and Taylor Swift, maybe a bit of Take That, pretty random, right? But since getting Spotify I have discovered a world of music, covers and different variations. I have found music that I had no idea existed and just today I was sitting on the train listening to various songs that I don’t know but love.

I had always stuck by that, ‘oh I’m not really into music so don’t ask me about my music taste, you wouldn’t understand’. But the truth is now that I’ll listen to virtually anything that isn’t scary sounding or too dubsteppy (yep, that’s the official word, so I hear).

But the one thing that Spotify hasn’t done is take me away from my roots of Taylor Swift. A lot of people scoff at her music and her style, but there was always something in her songs that spoke to me when I was a weeny teen (original, I know, ‘omg it’s like she can read my mind!’). But I really like her. Especially her new album. And I think that’s important. Even though I’ve always stuck by what I like to listen to, no matter what people say about it, I have opened my mind to things that I didn’t think I would enjoy listening to, but do. I’m trying to be like that, I think it’s my New Years resolution, to be more open minded about things. I’ll think on that and update you later what I’m planning to change in my life.. Hm.


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Kaiser Chiefs: Rediscovered

So, being stuck in my room pretty much all weekend I’ve had the iPod on non-stop and I seem to have reignited my love for Leeds band, Kaiser Chiefs πŸ˜€ I don’t know why I forgot about them but I love them! Granted, I love the first two albums more than the third and the fourth, but still. And this made me think it’d be a good idea (haha) to post a few videos of what I’ve been listening to lately, so you can also join in the wonder and amazement.

Kaiser Chiefs: My Kind of Guy (‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’ Album)

Owl City: Plant Life (‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ Album)

Red Light Company: The Architect (‘Fine Fascination’ Album)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my favourite, New Jersey Television by Red Light Company but I also love this one πŸ™‚ Oh and my liking for Red Light Company is courtesy of Samuel Carter. He’ll be pleased with that.

The Click Five: Friday Night (‘Greetings from Imrie House’ Album)