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Observational Walking…

Be helpful. When you see a person without a smile, give him yours.

– Zig Ziglar

So I’m walking back to my accommodation from university – you should know I’m not one to call it ‘home’ because it actually doesn’t feel like it anymore – and I walked past this Chinese girl, who I think was heading to uni. Before she passed me, I could tell that her mouth was moving and I wondered if she was on one of those Bluetooth headsets on her phone.. nope, couldn’t find one. So now I’m thinking; is she talking to herself..? As she got nearer, I could hear her singing in Chinese and at first I scoffed, thinking she was slightly odd and eccentric and what kind of person in their right mind would sing when they’re walking on their own?

And then I stopped myself. I think I frowned a little as I was walking (the girl had long since passed me by now, which means I was frowning to myself – oh the hypocrisy!). What went through my head was quite simply, “Why not?” Why shouldn’t people sing to themselves when they’re walking? People sing in the shower and in their rooms when they’re on their own and, fair enough, there’s no one there to really hear or see them, but it’s the same principle, right?

Why should we all be really boring and just walk up and down with dull faces, expressionless expressions, just on the move. That’s all we’re doing, isn’t it? Moving from one situation to another. But this girl, she was making something pleasant out of walking. Sure it was a nice day, the sun was out and I’m going to go as far as saying there were birds singing in the trees, so she had a right to be happy. What right have I got to be miserable amongst all the other depressed losers that walk up and down? Everyone’s the same! The same, boring faces and more often than not with headphones in, isolating themselves. This girl was not only sharing her music with everyone, but she was inviting everyone into her life to share her happiness.

All I’m saying is, boys and girls, put a smile on your face when you’re walking, going somewhere, driving, or whatever. We’ve got no reason to be miserable! And…I’ve just realised how preachy and cheesy this whole post is, you must be grinning at my cringe-iness. But at least I made you smile, didn’t I? 😉